Expert in FAA PMA, Production Manufacturing Approval.
FMR, FAA ASI, Chris Handley

(Former Federal Aviation Administration, Aviation Safety Inspector for MIDO, Manufacturing Inspection District Office)

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Member of Transportation Committee for the City of Florence, Oregon. 

Elevating Aerospace Excellence through Expertise, Civic Commitment, and Creative Passion

In the dynamic world of aerospace, certain components continue to stand the test of time, their demand unfading, and their importance ever more critical. Chris Handley, a former FAA Aviation Safety Inspector (ASI) with over two decades of aviation manufacturing experience, embodies the expertise that fuels the resilience of Parts Manufacturer Approval (PMA) parts.

The Enduring Demand for PMA Parts

In an era of rapid technological advancement and innovation, it’s reassuring to know that older PMA parts remain not just relevant but essential. Chris Handley, whose journey in aviation manufacturing commenced at the tender age of 15, attests to the unyielding demand for these legacy components. His remarkable career trajectory, which includes formal education in areas like metal waste water treatment, industrial electricity, drafting, AUTOCAD, and seven years of dedicated service to the Federal Government of the United States, has positioned him as an industry luminary.

As Chris Handley reflects, “I’ve witnessed the aerospace industry’s evolution firsthand, from the drafting board to the skies. The demand for older PMA parts hasn’t dwindled; if anything, it’s more pronounced than ever.”

The Path Forward for PMA Parts

In an industry marked by rapid change and supply chain challenges, the future of PMA parts remains bright. Chris Handley’s optimism is rooted in the growing acceptance of PMA parts. “The aerospace landscape is evolving,” he observes. “More and more, airlines and industry leaders are recognizing the cost-effectiveness and reliability of PMA parts. My role is to ensure they navigate this landscape with confidence.”

A Guardian of Aerospace Quality

Beyond his extensive educational background and years of experience, Chris Handley brings a unique dimension to the aerospace landscape. His three years as an armed, full-dress uniform security guard for high-profile events such as the Hollywood Christmas Parade and the Grammy Awards, along with providing personal protection and motor escort services to renowned actors and actresses, have honed his commitment to precision and reliability.

“Security is about trust and precision,” Chris Handley asserts. “My security experiences have instilled in me a deep appreciation for attention to detail and reliability, values that transcend into the aerospace domain.”

Navigating Aerospace Challenges with Confidence

Chris Handley’s expertise extends far beyond security. His seven years of civilian service to the Federal Government, culminating in the role of FAA ASI, gave him a unique perspective on aviation safety and compliance. He explains, “My time as an FAA ASI taught me the intricacies of regulatory compliance and the critical role it plays in aviation safety. This experience allows me to guide organizations towards the highest standards of safety and quality.”

Civic Commitment: A Four-Year Journey for Transportation Excellence

In addition to his aerospace prowess, Chris Handley is deeply committed to his local community. He proudly serves as a first-year member of a four-year commitment on the Transportation Committee for the City of Florence, Oregon. This role underscores his dedication to improving transportation infrastructure and safety at the community level.

In closing, Chris Handley is not just an industry expert; he’s a guardian of quality and precision, with a career spanning education, government service, security, and aerospace. His journey from a young enthusiast to a seasoned authority encapsulates the enduring value of PMA parts and the unwavering commitment to excellence in the aerospace industry.

With Chris Handley by your side, you’re not just embracing aerospace excellence; you’re soaring to new heights of quality, reliability, creative passion, civic commitment, and a rich tapestry of skills that make a difference.

Ario Estrada

Senior Quality Manager, Essex Industries

Chris is a knowledgeable and dependable resource to any organization in maintaining compliance, QMS and industry standards.

Cary Scott Thrasher

Director Of Quality (DQMR), Sine Draco Aviation Development

I have utilized Chris’s services to conduct part 21 trainings to several of my personnel. Additionally Chris also assisted us in improving our TSO and PMA quality manuals, and provided us expert advice on FAA Regulatory compliance. Chris is easy to worked with, very flexible and a true SME. I have decided to retain him as an adhoc partner in our continued effort in improving our aerospace systems and processes.

Mike Balbuena

VP - Engineering, Quality and Compliance, Essex Industries

As we prepared for FAA production approval for an avionics TSO I looked for someone with expertise in the topic to coach and guide us through preparation. Chris delivered exactly what was needed, helping us review and modify our quality system in preparation for the audit. He ensured we were complaint with the FAA AC, and walked our facility with us to ensure our production line was adequately prepared for the FAA MIDO inspection. Chris’ help was invaluable and his coaching was well-delivered. I highly recommend Chris to anyone preparing for production approval with the FAA!

Tom Furey

Chief Executive Officer, Sagetech Avionics, Inc.

Who Can Benefit from Chris Handley's Expertise?

  • Aircraft Manufacturers: Ensuring product safety and regulatory adherence from design to production.
  • Aerospace Engineering Firms: Leveraging Chris’s insights for innovative, compliant engineering solutions.
  • Aviation Maintenance & Repair Operations: Streamlining processes for efficiency and compliance.
  • Emerging Aviation Enterprises: Guidance for startups navigating the complex regulatory landscape of the aviation industry.