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Are you navigating the complex world of aerospace production and striving to meet the stringent requirements of FAA PMA?

Christopher Handley Expert in FAA quality management is open and ready to help.

Chris Handley is an Expert Consult and Teacher of FAA PMA, (Production Manufacturing Approval) §§ 21.137, 21.307, and 21.607

Don’t let the complexities of FAA PMA compliance slow down your aerospace production ambitions.

Contact me now to learn more about how I can help you soar to new heights!


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Federal Aviation Regulations

Discover the Comprehensive Guide to 14 CFR 21.137: Ensuring Safety and Quality in Aeronautical Manufacturing

What Chris Handley offers for your business:

    • Tailored Writing Assistance: Struggling with the intricacies of FAA documentation? I provide personalized writing support, ensuring your documents not only comply with FAA standards but also reflect the excellence of your production process.
    • Customized Training Programs: Whether you’re a beginner or looking to upgrade your skills, my training modules are designed to cater to your specific needs. Learn the ins and outs of 21.137 and how to seamlessly integrate these requirements into your production system.
    • Ongoing Support and Consultation: My commitment doesn’t end with training. I offer continuous support and expert consultation to help you adapt to evolving FAA regulations and maintain the highest standards of quality and safety.

🚀 Why Choose Chris Handley

    • Expertise and Experience: Former FAA Aviation Safety Inspector with years of experience in auditing and establishment of new quality management systems.
    • Customized Solutions: I understand that every production system is unique. My approach is tailored to fit the specific needs and goals of your organization.
    • Proven Track Record: With numerous successful projects under my belt, I pride myself on my ability to deliver results that not only comply with regulations but also drive efficiency and excellence in aerospace production.


Ario Estrada

Senior Quality Manager, Essex Industries

Chris is a knowledgeable and dependable resource to any organization in maintaining compliance, QMS and industry standards.

Cary Scott Thrasher

Director Of Quality (DQMR), Sine Draco Aviation Development

I have utilized Chris’s services to conduct part 21 trainings to several of my personnel. Additionally Chris also assisted us in improving our TSO and PMA quality manuals, and provided us expert advice on FAA Regulatory compliance. Chris is easy to worked with, very flexible and a true SME. I have decided to retain him as an adhoc partner in our continued effort in improving our aerospace systems and processes.

Mike Balbuena

VP - Engineering, Quality and Compliance, Essex Industries

As we prepared for FAA production approval for an avionics TSO I looked for someone with expertise in the topic to coach and guide us through preparation. Chris delivered exactly what was needed, helping us review and modify our quality system in preparation for the audit. He ensured we were complaint with the FAA AC, and walked our facility with us to ensure our production line was adequately prepared for the FAA MIDO inspection. Chris’ help was invaluable and his coaching was well-delivered. I highly recommend Chris to anyone preparing for production approval with the FAA!

Tom Furey

Chief Executive Officer, Sagetech Avionics, Inc.

The expertise and knowledge that you need-with the tools to finish the job.

Services Tailored for Your Success

Quality Assurance & Compliance Consulting:

From system audits to crafting robust quality management systems, I ensure your operations meet and exceed industry standards.

Cost-Reduction Strategies:

Implementing efficient, cost-effective solutions that cater to the specific needs of your aviation business.

Educational Workshops & Training:

Providing your team with the necessary tools and knowledge to maintain compliance and operational excellence.

Expert Consulting for FAA quality systems meeting requirements to establish and describe, in writing, quality system that ensures each product and article conforms to its approved design and is in a condition for safe operation. In support of responsibilities pursuant to

§§ 21.137, 21.307, and 21.607.

✈️ FAA Quality Systems:

Navigating the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) quality systems can be complex, but it is crucial for ensuring compliance and maintaining high standards. Whether you’re an aircraft manufacturer, repair station, or parts supplier, I can offer comprehensive insights into the FAA’s quality management system requirements. From establishing effective quality processes to obtaining necessary certifications, I’ll guide you through the intricacies of FAA quality systems.

✈️ PMA (Parts Manufacturer Approval):

If you’re a parts manufacturer seeking FAA approval, understanding the PMA process is essential. PMA allows you to produce and sell aircraft parts as alternatives to original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts. As your expert consultant, I can assist you in navigating the rigorous PMA application, demonstrating compliance with design and production requirements, and obtaining the necessary approvals. Together, we’ll ensure your parts meet safety standards while maximizing your business opportunities.

✈️ TSO (Technical Standard Order):

Compliance with TSO standards is crucial when designing, producing, and installing aircraft equipment. TSO establishes minimum performance standards for various aviation products, including avionics, electrical systems, and more. As your guide, I can help you understand TSO requirements, provide insight into the TSO authorization process, and assist you in ensuring that your products meet the necessary standards.