Expert in FAA PMA, Production Manufacturing Approval.
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(Former Federal Aviation Administration, Aviation Safety Inspector for MIDO, Manufacturing Inspection District Office)

Are you involved in the aviation industry and seeking guidance on meeting quality requirements? Look no further! As an expert consultant well-versed in FAA Quality Systems, PMA (Parts Manufacturer Approval), TSO (Technical Standard Order), and QSA (Quality System Assessment), I’m here to provide you with valuable information and instructions tailored to your specific situation. Let’s dive into the details!

✈️ FAA Quality Systems:

Navigating the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) quality systems can be complex, but it is crucial for ensuring compliance and maintaining high standards. Whether you’re an aircraft manufacturer, repair station, or parts supplier, I can offer comprehensive insights into the FAA’s quality management system requirements. From establishing effective quality processes to obtaining necessary certifications, I’ll guide you through the intricacies of FAA quality systems.

✈️ PMA (Parts Manufacturer Approval):

If you’re a parts manufacturer seeking FAA approval, understanding the PMA process is essential. PMA allows you to produce and sell aircraft parts as alternatives to original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts. As your expert consultant, I can assist you in navigating the rigorous PMA application, demonstrating compliance with design and production requirements, and obtaining the necessary approvals. Together, we’ll ensure your parts meet safety standards while maximizing your business opportunities.

✈️ TSO (Technical Standard Order):

Compliance with TSO standards is crucial when designing, producing, and installing aircraft equipment. TSO establishes minimum performance standards for various aviation products, including avionics, electrical systems, and more. As your guide, I can help you understand TSO requirements, provide insight into the TSO authorization process, and assist you in ensuring that your products meet the necessary standards.

✈️ QSA (Quality System Assessment):

A QSA is a critical evaluation of an organization’s quality system against FAA regulations. It aims to determine compliance, identify areas for improvement, and ensure the consistent delivery of safe and reliable products and services. As an expert consultant, I can support you in preparing for a QSA, guiding you through the assessment process, and implementing effective quality management practices that align with FAA requirements.

🔍 Tailored Solutions for Your Specific Situation:

Every organization faces unique challenges and requirements when it comes to meeting quality standards in the aviation industry. That’s why I specialize in providing customized solutions that address your specific situation. By conducting a thorough analysis of your operations, I can offer tailored advice, develop strategies, and provide detailed instructions to help you navigate the complex landscape of quality systems, PMA, TSO, and QSA.

✔️Your Trusted Partner in Quality:

With my expertise as an FAA quality systems consultant, PMA and TSO advisor, and QSA specialist, I am dedicated to being your trusted partner in quality. I stay up-to-date with the latest regulations, industry trends, and best practices, ensuring that the guidance I provide is accurate, relevant, and actionable.

📞🌐 Contact at linkedin:

If you’re seeking guidance and assistance in meeting quality requirements in the aviation industry, don’t hesitate to reach out. I’m here to answer your questions, provide valuable information, and offer personalized solutions. Together, we’ll ensure that your operations meet and exceed the necessary quality standards, fostering safety, compliance, and success.

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Teaching on 14 CFR § 21.137 FAA PMA

Quality Management System Training for employees with remote video conferencing.

With the topics of focus:
1. Quality management training: Gain a clear understanding of quality management system and develop and implement effective quality management system that meets regulatory requirements and drive continuous improvement.

2. Process improvement training: Gain a clear understanding of identifying opportunities for process improvement and can help your organization streamline processes, reduce waste, and improve efficiency.

3. Risk management Training: Gain a clear understanding in identifying and mitigating risks in the aerospace industry, including safety risks, compliance risks, and operational risks.

4. Auditing training: Gain a clear understanding in conducting audits and assessments of your organization, and prepare for audits and improve performance.

5. Training expertise: Gain a clear understanding in developing and delivering training programs for your organization, including training on regulatory compliance, quality management system, and safety management systems.


Stage 1: Teaching via zoom or video conferencing with screen sharing:

          • Introduction to 14 CFR § 21.137
          • Organization chart and responsibilities for production manufacturing
          • Regulatory Requirements for production manufacturing
          • Design Data Control for production manufacturing
          • Vendor Control for production manufacturing
          • Control of production manufacturing QA Records
          • Document Control for production manufacturing
          • Build Training and provide training, teach and instruct how to build forms required to meet compliance to supplement existing training and forms
          • Production Manufacturing Training requirements and forms 8130-3 Tracking Records
          • Appointment and Selection application forms training requirements as required by 21.137(o)

Stage 2: Teaching via zoom or video conferencing with screen sharing:

          • Review DMIR completed training
          • Oversight Performance and Witnessing Records
          • Certificate of Authorizations
          • Internal Audit program
          • In-service Feedback procedure supplement for Production Manufacturing